Molok Installation

We've been a proud certified Molok installer for over 15 years, serving all of Southern Ontario. Moloks provide a superior solid waste management solution. These containers are compact, environmentally friendly, more hygienic than conventional bins, and are virtually odour free.
molok garbage container
Molok Side View Diagram

Molok Specs:

Compact — With the semi-underground design and resulting compaction, up to 5 times greater capacity can be achieved
Sanitary — Lower temperatures underground reduce waste odours and the lids closes automatically
Accessible — Containers are safe and easy to use
Convenient — Molok containers can be located where most suitable and safe for users
Attractive — Various framing options allow containers to easily fit in

Example Installations

Molok Installation 1
Molok Installation 2
Molok Installation 3
Molok Installation 4
Molok Installation 5
Molok Installation 6
Molok Installation 7
Molok Installation 8

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